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Snorkelers in water in front of Ocean VoyagerWondering what our customers have to say about our award winning boat tours and eco-cruises? Here are some testimonials that we have received on TripAdvisor or through emails and letters.

We strive for the best possible service for our customers and members. Thank you for your support! When you book a cruise with us, you support our mission to protect our oceans through conservation, education and scientific research.

TripAdvisor Reviews

“Best snorkel trip EVER!!”

“I've lived on Maui for 3 years. I've done a lot of snorkeling. This was BY FAR the best!”

“We cruised along the coast of Lana'i, which was beautiful all on its own. We made three stops for snorkeling and they just got better and better as we went along. Snorkeling at Sweetheart Rock was AMAZING! The history, the legend, the topography, the colors, the fish, it was just breathtaking. Shark Fin Rock was the grand finale. And it was literally like swimming in an aquarium. I even saw my first REEF SHARK!!”

“Captain Craig really made the trip. His skill maneuvering that boat is truly impressive. He would get us SO CLOSE to caves and lava tubes. I even notice that Craig would secretly help his passengers get amazing pictures. There were two women who were taking a photo and he steered the boat in the complete opposite direction of where we were going to get them both in the sunlight and with their hair blowing the right direction in the wind. Once they got the photo, he put to boat back on course. I don't know if anyone else even noticed this but wow, talk about being connected to your guests!”

“Both naturalists, Christian and Savannah were fun and engaging. The breakfast and lunch was more than decent for being such a small boat - bagels, fruit, mac salad, fresh veggies, wraps, sauces and even dessert!!”

“This was an awesome day! I HIGHLY recommend this rafting tour to anyone on Maui, visiting or local.”

~ Varina A., Kapalua, Hawaii

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“Lana'i on the Wildside”

“Imagine, circumventing the Island of Lana'i (about 70 miles) in a raft complete with an overhead canopy, an onboard bathroom and a fresh water shower. Not to mention breakfast, lunch and chocolate chip cookies. The best seven hours on the best snorkeling trip ever! Captain Craig brought us to THREE fantastic snorkeling sites and naturalist Sergio was in the water with us to explain all about the wonders we were seeing in the crystal clear Pacific.”

“The best snorkeling site was Shark Fin, not because we saw any sharks, but because it was like swimming in an aquarium! We observed blowholes, caves, lava tubes and ancient Hawaiian burial sites. Both Captain Craig and Sergio were extremely knowledgeable about Hawaiian history, culture, the aquatic environment and the Pacific Whale Foundation. I would highly recommend this trip to any adult who loves the water, history, fish and great adventures.”

~ Susan F, Kihei, Hawaii

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“An Encounter of the Best Kind”

“We booked the raft on a cloudy rainy day. There was only one other raft out that day, but boy it paid off.”

“It was a lot easier taking photographs and the whales don't care. The skipper and the girl narrating the trip were awesome. They respected the rules and went no faster than 15 knots, which increases a chance of close encounters.”

“We saw spinner dolphins swim alongside the boat and we spent about an hour with a momma and baby whale. Even though we were 100 yards away (and parallel to the whale duo), the calf repeatedly came and checked us out. Not to mention the constant breaching and playing.”

“We also got to hear the songs from down below when they lowered a microphone into the water.”

“The crew is very knowledgeable and respectful. The raft provides for a far more intimate encounter with the wildlife.”

~ Micheline M, Cochrane, Canada

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“Wonderful, Eco-conscious Way to see Molokini”

“We have been to Molokini several times on different boats; they were all fun and safe. Pacific Whale adds the education and awareness component so well. We learned new things, had a lot of fun and never felt lectured. The crew was very well qualified, fun and funny! The snacks, lunch and snorkel gear is all available and easy to access. The boat holds a lot of people but once you arrive at Molokini you don't feel like part of a crowd. Bring a wind-breaker, towel and non-slip shoes. Buying a membership brings down the per person price and you board 1st which is nice.”

~ 1Daisy2000, Laguna Beach, California

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“Molokini Crater Snorkel & Sunset Whale Watch Cruise”

“The snorkel was great. We started out on a large boat where the friendly staff serves coffee, juice, and pastries. In addition to the regular snorkel gear wetsuit tops were available for rental for $10 each. The water is fairly cold and the sun is hot so wetsuit or sunscreen is required. Optical goggles are also available for rental. All equipment is sanitized and kept very clean. The actual sites are awesome. We saw a lot of fish (big and small) including an octopus and a huge green sea turtle at the 2nd site.”

“A lunch is also provided including pasta salads, chicken, veggie burgers & hot dogs. Our 2nd adventure with the Pacific Whale Foundation was for a sunset whale watch cruise. We were treated to free cocktails and sandwiches while we watched whales both full grown and baby breach, play and compete in the water. We saw LOTS of Humpback and False Killer whales. On the way back you can view the sunset which is great for pictures against the Island backdrop. It is a little breezy especially as the sun sets so bring a light jacket or long sleeved shirt.”

~ Rebecca K, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

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Reviews on our Facebook Page

“We went on the Lanai snorkel tour on 6/9/14 and it was fantastic!! Highly recommended!! We stopped at a cove and saw at least 100 spinner dolphins in their native habitat. The cove we snorkeled in was wonderful and saw a ton of fish!! The crew was highly knowledgeable and friendly!! The food was great too!! Would definitely go on another trip with PWF!! We liked it so much and believed in their cause, we became members!!”

~ Melinda W.

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“Just went on the Island Rhythm cruise with Marty Dred! This was the best time we've had since arriving in Maui! The captain and crew were great! Thank you for a wonderful evening!”

~ Sheila J.

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“Awesome sail, very friendly crew... they even managed to engage my 3 year old in an age appropriate sea activity with mommy... not to mention we had three great whale sightings... one of which was extremely close!”

~ Roopa M.

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Reviews Received by Mail and Email

“We recently visited Maui from Australia In March for our honeymoon. As part of our holiday we went on a snorkeling trip with you to Molokini Crater and Turtle Arches. What a wonderful experience! My husband, George has snorkeled before, however this was my first experience (I'm not the most confident swimmer). We both had so much fun, Molokini is just beautiful! We spotted many whales during out tour also which was amazing! What beautiful animals they are. Thank you for the experience, we also learnt a lot during the tour. This has given us an interested to visit the Great Barrier Reef here in Australia next time we take a holiday :) Thank you, keep up the great work.”

~ Marg & George Fayad

Wedding Private Charter Review

“For us, a private charter with the Pacific Whale Foundation was the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony… We really wanted the venue to be creative, different, unique and above all, private… We found the privacy of being on the boat with only our guests made it very comfortable and we were so excited to give our guests some of the their fondest memories ever.”

“The fact that we used Pacific Whale Foundation gave us a great feeling knowing that we were doing our part to help support the Foundation’s efforts and research. We can’t say enough good things about the Captain and Crew, they were so perfect! They were knowledgeable, friendly, patient and full of Aloha spirit. They were so much fun with all of us.”

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