Our Green Features

We are proud to set the highest environmental standards for our eco-adventure cruises. We are a member of the Hawai'i Ecotourism Association and are a Certified Sustainable Tour Operator in the State of Hawai'i.  

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

  • Vessels equipped with Tier II high efficiency engines for lower emissions
  • By supporting local companies such as Maui Cattle Company, O’o Farms, and Maui Brewing Company which are fresher and require less fuel for transportation. We also use locally made, eco-friendly liquid cleanser made by Maui Pure Island.
  • Towels and rags are washed in our own water-saving and energy-efficient machines, to reduce need for laundry service transportation
  • Use “Kleen Oil Filters” and lab testing engine oil to precisely determine when changes are needed, resulting in a reduced frequency of oil changes and use less oil in our vessels—and fewer used oil filters go to the landfill
  • Employees are provided with incentives to ride the bus to work or to purchase a hybrid ultra-high efficiency vehicle

Protecting Wildlife and the Ocean Environment

  • Sound-deadening vessel hulls and oversized mufflers help protect sound-sensitive wildlife
  • Whale Protection Devices, the first in the nation for commercial sized vessels, are used to gently guide whales away from propellers and running gear
  • Laser Range Finders are used by our captains to ensure accurate compliance with Federal and State whale approach laws
  • Our Certified Waste Management Policy: we don’t dump, we pump
  • Vessels are required to use established moorings instead of anchors to protect Maui’s reefs
  • Reef safe sunscreen available for purchase for our snorkeling guests to protect coral reefs
  • We strictly adhere to all Federal and State laws regarding approaches to whales and other marine wildlife
  • Our strict “Be Whale Aware” guidelines include limits on vessel speed, time spent around whales, and other steps to prevent disturbances to whales or dolphins

Promoting Recycling and Reducing Landfill Waste

  • Promotional brochures and wildlife guides are printed on 100% recycled paper, made with green power including windpower
  • Toilet paper is unbleached and made from recycled paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable plates, cups and utensils are tree-free, petroleum-free
  • No plastic bottles: water filters on our vessels and in our offices have eliminated the need for disposable plastic water bottles
  • No plastic bags: we use biodegradable, compostable bags made from corn starch
  • Company recycling policy: all cans, newspaper, office paper and bottles are recycled

Green Building

  • Our “green office” renovations feature LED lighting which provide lower energy usage than CFLs; eco-friendly cork-flooring; high-recycled content doors, counters and fixtures; recycled office furniture and many other green features

Giving Back to the Planet

  • 100% of all of our profits fund Pacific Whale Foundation’s research, education and conservation programs that support protection of whales, dolphins and the ocean environment. Programs supported include Volunteering on Vacation Program which encourages visitors to participate in environmental protection projects, including beach clean-ups
  • Pacific Whale Foundation staff routinely conduct beach and harbor clean-ups to prevent marine debris

Adopt-a-highway clean-upAdopt-a-highway clean-up